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Yes, I’ve thought of it many times, but, I never really drilled down to some of the details related to this topic. If you’re interested, read this white paper from the Air Line Pilots Association International (ALPA). Maybe its just me, but the key words “Airlines” and “Pilots” can be interchanged with “Aerial Work” and “Aircrew”…..cybersecurity has no borders or discriminate between crew positions in an aircraft or on an RPA crew…we’re all pretty much working with some kind of remote and connected Gizmo! ...What do you think?  ASOG Desk Editor (Patrick)

Aircraft Cybersecurity: The Pilot’s Perspective

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ASO Job Search – Key Words

If you’re searching the internet for your next Airborne Sensor Operator (ASO) job, here are just a few common titles to plug in the search window, i.e., they should give you a good view of current opportunities (primarily in the commercial / contracting sectors):

• Airborne Sensor Operator
• Sensor Operator
• UAV (RPA) Sensor Operator
• Aerial Acquisition Operator
• Payload Operator
• UAV (RPA) Payload Operator

• Aerial Survey Navigator
• Aerial Survey Technician
• Aerostat Operator
• Aerial Photographer or Videographer
• ELINT/EW Operator or Technician

• (Primary or Secondary ASO Title) / Instructor
• (Primary or Secondary ASO Title) /Field Operations Specialist
• (Primary or Secondary ASO Title) / Field Service Representative
• (Primary or Secondary ASO Title) / Technician
• (Primary or Secondary ASO Title) / System Engineer or Integration Engineer
• (Primary or Secondary ASO Title) / Imagery Analyst
• (Aerial Surveying, Mapping, ISR, etc.) / Project or Program Manager
• (Aerial Surveying, Mapping, ISR, photography, etc,) / Planner

Bottom-Line, if you’re running an internet job search campaign, it’s a good idea to write-down keywords to help with your search but also for building your resume and preparing for interviews.

If you know of other keywords related to the ASO profession and how to search for a job, please share...More the better!

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