Welcome to the Airborne Sensor Operators Group (ASOG)

The Airborne Sensor Operators Group is a first of its kind global professional aircrew network that was established in 2017 to fill a professional void regarding those aircrew individuals who operate remote-sensors from a manned or unmanned aircraft.

The void is that the  Airborne Sensor Operator (ASO) profession (around the world & across civilian and military communities) is not well defined in regard to a universal formal definition & standards throughout the globe and not like other aircrew positions e.g. professional pilots, Flight Attendants, Flight Engineers etc. Because of this, individual Airborne Sensor Operators lack a formalized global standard to better network, train, equip and operate. By shaping the ASO profession, we can affect the advancement of aviation safety, the aerial remote sensing sector, new technology and individual ASO career opportunities.

If you’re interested in being part of the Airborne Sensor Operator Profession & Community, join ASOG or better yet volunteer to be a member of the Advisory Council and share your knowledge and experience.

Besides the ASO profession benefiting from your participation, you can benefit by:

  • Getting new perspectives, experiences, and ideas by getting involved

  • Personal satisfaction of helping to steer your profession to success

  • Extending your circle of contacts and perhaps developing new business or job opportunities

  • Discovering new potential customers, business partnerships, or opportunities for cross-promotion

  • Enhance your resume/CV by highlighting your professional membership with ASOG

We hope you join us and engage your time, experience and capabilities to further this profession and enhance your own career. To learn more about ASOG and joining, go to the “About Us” and “Profession” tabs.

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1st ASOG Rendezvous – PAvCon Europe

FYI: If you’ve been following the Event Board, next week is the Police Aviation Conference (PAvCon) Europe. This will be our first real opportunity for ASOG members to meet, network and just have a good time in person. Plus, it will allow us to promote the ASO (TFO) profession in a positive way.

Speaking of that, the event organizers have given us two presentation slots (TFO Training Day and Day 3 of the main conference). We’ll give you updates on how the event goes…

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ASO Job Search – Key Words

If you’re searching the internet for your next Airborne Sensor Operator (ASO) job, here are just a few common titles to plug in the search window, i.e., they should give you a good view of current opportunities (primarily in the commercial / contracting sectors):

• Airborne Sensor Operator
• Sensor Operator
• UAV (RPA) Sensor Operator
• Aerial Acquisition Operator
• Payload Operator
• UAV (RPA) Payload Operator…

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As part of the mission of ASOG to inform the public of the different types of Airborne Sensor Operators in the profession, we’ll start collecting and sharing videos that depict in a visual way the duties, responsibilities, equipment and general perspective of each type of ASO in their specialized industry sector.

To start things off and with the European Police Aviation Conference right around the corner, we’ll start with this clip.

If you have a video that you want to share,…

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BLOG BOARD: 1st ASOG Rendezvous – PAvCon Europe
INFORMATION FORUM: Follow-Up: Job Search Key Words
NEW SUPPORTER - ESROE LIMITED is a Electronic Warfare specialist company, a spin-out from the UK Ministry of Defence, producing an affordable radar ESM sensor for a wide range of civil and military applications and state-of-the-art processing and analysis software for ESM data.
May 15
BLOG BOARD - ASO Job Search – Key Words
May 15
BLOG BOARD - Secondary ASO Profession – Aerial Archaeology
May 9
BLOG BOARD - Video - Ride Along with an ASO – Police Tactical Flight Officer (TFO)
May 5
NEW MEMBERS – Welcome our newest members, all of them have a solid aircrew background: William Lacey; Som Biswas; Herald Brink; Michael Tamez; Sam Walters
May 3


Police Aviation Conference 2018

  • Description:

    PAvCon has now morphed into PAvCon Europe. It's an association of active airborne public order support experts and specialists dedicated to the further training, information transfer thereby driving increased safety of colleagues everywhere. For…

  • Organized By: ASOG Desk Editor

Information Forum

Follow-Up: Job Search Key Words

Excellent! One of our members (Piet De Backer) tested the job search key words and found a good number of opportunities. Super Piet, thank you for jumping in and helping the others. Here are just a few jobs Piet found: Sensor Operator/Airborne Imagery Analyst Leidos 491 reviews - Bridgewater, VA Leidos has a career opening for an Airborne Sensor Operator supporting an ISR program based OCONUS. The job of the Airborne Sensor Operator will be responsible... Airborne Sensor Operator/Technician…

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Question for the Group – ASO – Secondary Profession Training Guide

ASOG Members, We need your help. We’re in the process of setting up a working group to develop a training guide (two guides – manned and unmanned) for those professionals who participate as a crewmember (secondary profession), i.e., research scientist, archeologist, photographer etc…, i.e., heavy focus on the civilian/commercial community. When it comes to the unmanned (RPAS) guide, should the focus be: a. ASO/Observer Only b. Operator/ASO combined c. Breakup a and b into two guides d. Other…

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Online Training - Humanitarian Drone Operations

ASOG Members, I want to share this online training opportunity (ASO Professional Development) for those interested in special Drone (UAS, RPAS etc) operations and/or applications. Participating in humanitarian efforts (natural or man-made disasters) can be very different from other ASO operations (aerial mapping, SAR, ISR etc). It appears to be free of charge. Adding this knowledge to your ASO professional kit cannot hurt or better yet it can only help you or your local community.  …

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