Welcome to the Airborne Sensor Operators Group (ASOG)

The Airborne Sensor Operators Group is a first of its kind global professional aircrew network that was established in 2017 to fill a professional void regarding those aircrew individuals who operate remote-sensors from a manned or unmanned aircraft.

The void is that the  Airborne Sensor Operator (ASO) profession (around the world & across civilian and military communities) is not well defined in regard to a universal formal definition & standards throughout the globe and not like other aircrew positions e.g. professional pilots, Flight Attendants, Flight Engineers etc. Because of this, individual Airborne Sensor Operators lack a formalized global standard to better network, train, equip and operate. By shaping the ASO profession, we can affect the advancement of aviation safety, the aerial remote sensing sector, new technology and individual ASO career opportunities.

If you’re interested in being part of the Airborne Sensor Operator Profession & Community, join ASOG or better yet volunteer to be a member of the Advisory Council and share your knowledge and experience.

Besides the ASO profession benefiting from your participation, you can benefit by:

  • Getting new perspectives, experiences, and ideas by getting involved

  • Personal satisfaction of helping to steer your profession to success

  • Extending your circle of contacts and perhaps developing new business or job opportunities

  • Discovering new potential customers, business partnerships, or opportunities for cross-promotion

  • Enhance your resume/CV by highlighting your professional membership with ASOG

We hope you join us and engage your time, experience and capabilities to further this profession and enhance your own career. To learn more about ASOG and joining, go to the “About Us” and “Profession” tabs.

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AeroSimulators Group are pleased to announce that their latest Pilot and Operator Simulator has been factory accepted in Denver and is now being broken down and shipped to the customer.  It is capable of delivering linked pilot and camera operator training in addition to providing an ISR Tactical Coordinator (or Ops Centre) input, all controlled from a single Instructor Station via Intercom.  It is currently built for King Air and Casa operations utilising a FLIR camera (simulated) although…

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Remote Sensors 101

This week I was doing some research and came across this NASA website: NASA - User Resource - Remote Sensors. I think some of you might find it interesting from a professional development perspective or as a new ASO. The site gives a good overview of remote sensors and specific applications & projects, i.e., from both air & space. I’ll add it to the “Remote Sensor…

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ASOG Networking – Eurosatory 2018

Great photo of Richard Glyn-Jones And George De Cook meeting for the first time. Plus, I heard Gustavo Duarte, Marcus Gurtner, and Pierre De Backer was able to rendezvous. Again, this is one reason for ASOG, i.e., to promote networking between ASOs and industry.

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GUSTAVO ROBLES replied to ASOG Desk Editor's discussion 2018 Events – Let Me Know What Events You’re Attending?
"No worries. I am here with Digital Airware @ booth 820. If know of anyone please have them stop by…"
Jul 13
Patrick Ryan replied to ASOG Desk Editor's discussion 2018 Events – Let Me Know What Events You’re Attending?
"Hi Gustavo,
Sorry for the late response. How is/was APCON? I wasn't able to attend this year...atte…"
Jul 13
GUSTAVO ROBLES replied to ASOG Desk Editor's discussion 2018 Events – Let Me Know What Events You’re Attending?
"Hi Patrick,
I’m  attending APSCON 2018 on the 11th- 13rd July Louisville KY."
Jul 11
GUSTAVO ROBLES replied to Grant WJ Reid's discussion L3 WESCAM is HIRING; but you will never know it.
"Grant, good morning.
Thanks for sharing this information, please check your email.
Jul 10
Patrick Ryan commented on ASOG Career Center's blog post ASO Job Search – Key Words
"Hi Gustavo,
1st, Welcome to ASOG. 2nd, excellent input...I've seen this job title in several ASO in…"
Jul 5
GUSTAVO ROBLES commented on ASOG Career Center's blog post ASO Job Search – Key Words
"Good morning .
In the frame of the Air Bridge Denial Program (ABD Program) which is a counter drugs…"
Jul 5
NEW BLOG POST: The Dinosaurs View....
Jun 29
Patrick Ryan replied to Patrick Ryan's discussion Question for the Group – ASO – Secondary Profession Training Guide
"Hi Gary,
Super...we'll pick up things when we both get back from vacation. Have a safe trip heading…"
Jun 29


EAA Airventure Oshkosh

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    EAA AirVenture Oshkosh (formerly the EAA Annual Convention and Fly-In) also known as Oshkosh Air Show is the world's largest annual gathering for recreational pilots and aviation enthusiasts which is held each summer, offering action, education,…

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Information Forum

Free Webinar: 5 Tips for Selecting a Drone LiDAR System

ASOGers, one of our Linked-In network members wanted to share this free webinar opportunity with us. 5 Tips for Selecting a Drone LiDAR System Drone technology is best leveraged when a quality model, map, and data product is produced quickly and affordably. Light detection and ranging (LiDAR) mapping technology can collect, analyze, and create a quality product that will benefit your organization. As many organizations consider the purchase and integration of a LiDAR system, knowing what to…

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L3 WESCAM is HIRING; but you will never know it.

Hi all, Don't write much although I initially had the intent to add my voice to the many initiatives that you are undertaking. All are a necessity to ensure the viability of our profession as we move into the next generation of advanced sensors. EO/IR Operator isn't the be all end all for us. It is just another sensor for action in the chain (we used to call this the Kill Chain) to create the conditions that a DP will be cleared so we can take another step toward mission success (how many…

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Job Opportunity - ASO

Airborne Sensor Operator - Exciting new career opportunity - Could this be your new office? Matthias in our group sent a message about this job opportunity on Linked-In…check out the details and contact Mike Davies if you’re interested: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6412738255195828224 ; “Your scope of work would be operating throughout Scandinavia on various Leica systems, DMC3, ALS80, RCD30 Penta Oblique. The position is open for an immediate start, running through…

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