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ASOG is a global professional network for individuals associated with operating remote-sensors from a manned or unmanned aircraft be it aircrew, manufactures, integrators, trainers and service providers.

We hope you join us and engage your time, experience and capabilities to further this profession and enhance your career. To learn more about ASOG and joining, go to the “About” and “Profession” tabs.

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Wanted - FLIR Corona 350 or SWE Quad 400

ASOG Members, one of our members (Derrick Brydges, Linewise Aerial) is looking for a used FLIR Corona 350 or a SWE Quad 400 for Powerline Inspection in Canada, U.S. and Central America. If you know of any available system, please reach out to Derrick, i.e., you can find him in the ASOG members area or drop me a line and I’ll forward accordingly.

ASOG Desk Editor (Patrick)

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Call for Inputs – Aviation Leaders Roundtable

ASOG Members,

ASOG was invited to participate in this year’s AVBuyer Aviation Leaders Roundtable discussions on the 20th of November in the United Kingdom. The event aims to provide a platform for the exchange of views on the current Aviation Industry, which in-turn shared with government organizations. The meeting will see representatives from all aspects of Aviation: Fixed & Rotor wing Aviation, Multi Mission, Drones, Product & Services, and Associations.

In the past,…

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ASOG – Global Defence Helicopter 2019

ASOG 2019 Focus Areas: Networking, Professional Development, Trending Technologies

Top Right Photo: L to R, Harry MacLeod, Patrick Ryan, Maxwell Field, Allister Wragg
Bottom Left Photo: L to R, Gustavo Duarte, Georg DeCock, Patrick Ryan

It was a great honor for ASOG and its members to participate in this year's Global Defence Helicopter meeting (Dresden, Germany, 29 -31 Oct). Per our ASOG 2019 Focus Areas, members were…

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ASOG 2019 Focus Areas: Professional Development

To stay current on the latest in aerial remote-sensing, I love to check out publications (especially free and open-source) that focus on the three domains Airborne Sensor Operators make a living in (Civil, Public Safety, Defense). One small-business open-source publication I’ve been checking-out for the last eight years is the Police Aviation News. This publication is focused primarily on police aviation but also dives…

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ASOG 2019 ASOG Focus Areas: Networking

It was great to finally meet Michael Sheehy in person, i.e., not via e-mails or Skype but in person. Michael was one of the first ASOG advisors to join the group and was instrumental in writing the ASOG “ASO Search and Rescue (Public Safety / Maritime / Fixed Wing) Guide” to help future generations and transitioning professionals into our career field, especially the Maritime SAR community.

Michael called me out of the…

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ASOG 2019 Focus Areas: Career Support and Management

ASOGers, 2Excel just sent this new job requirement to ASOG:

“Hi guys, we’re looking for additional SOs. UK based and operating in our PA31 & King Air Special Missions Aircraft. Could you repost our job link please? We’ll be going public with an amazing SAR King Air next month, I’ll send you the details when they’re available..
Do you have experience in operating…

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UAV Pilot with thermal camera in JAMAICA

Dear Unmanned enthusiasts,

We (www.sitemark.com) are searching for a UAV pilot in Jamaica. He/she must have the RGB and THERMAL sensor from DJI. And we need your help on the aerial data acquisition service on a big solar site in Jamaica.

If you are interested yourself to join our worldwide pilot network to perform thermal sensor flights for the solar industry, please leave your details in this short intake sheet:…

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Too cool! welcome Victor and Scott...it's great to have you in the group.
Scott Tolbert and VICTOR MANUEL ARRIAGADA CASTELLO joined Airborne Sensor Operators Group (ASOG)
Dec 5
ASOG Desk Editor posted a blog post
ASOG Members, one of our members (Derrick Brydges, Linewise Aerial) is looking for a used FLIR Coro…
Nov 29
Hey Jason, welcome to the group!
Jason Hoover is now a member of Airborne Sensor Operators Group (ASOG)
Nov 28
Excellent, welcome to the group Warren and David, send me a msg if you have any questions.
Warren Ingram is now a member of Airborne Sensor Operators Group (ASOG)
Nov 25
David Stonehouse is now a member of Airborne Sensor Operators Group (ASOG)
Nov 21



Maritime Search and Rescue 2020

  • Description:

    Now in its fifth year, Maritime Search and Rescue 2020 will be focused on the future of search and rescue investigating new unmanned/autonomous platforms, increasing collaboration and understanding for complex operations such as mass rescue and chemical spills.

    The meeting will additionally look at collaborative opportunities for procurement, research and technology, including communications, command and control and deployment of new/ different platforms to enable faster, safer…

  • Created by: ASOG Desk Editor

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New ASOG Supporter - BDPM Consult

ASOG Members, It’s great to announce we have BDPM Consult as a new ASOG Supporter. BDPM has years of experience in making our community more effective. BDPM Consult is an independent consulting company supporting organizations in the fields of business development and product management. BDPM Consult is active in the domains surveillance, inspections, mapping, border security, enforcement, earth observation, remote sensing, geographical information, GIS, satellites, drones, UAS, sensors, data…

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Admin Note – How to communicate with one another!

ASOG Members,Some of you already know this. However, for those who don’t know how to message one another here on the ASOG webpage, you have to “Friend” a person you want to communicate with. Without “Friending” someone, your message will not go through to that individual member. So, if you want to virtually and professionally want to network with other ASOG members, start hitting the “Friend” button!ASOG Desk Editor (Patrick)

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New ASOG Supporter - Defence Leaders

ASOG SupportersASOG Members,It’s great to announce we have Defence Leaders as a new ASOG Supporter. What is great about this is we have direct access to a supporter that can physically bring ASOG members together for networking and professional development.If you didn’t know, Defence Leaders create events which serve the ever-changing needs of the defense and public safety community and provide a platform for industry members and end users to network, learn and develop strong partnerships that…

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New ASOG Advisor – Mark Smits

We have a new ASOG Advisor: Mark Douglas Smits II! Mark volunteered to help move the mission of ASOG forward and support others in our professional community. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from the Aerial Commercial Mapping and Surveying sector. Mark is currently the Geospatial Program Director at Woolpert Inc. and manages over 30 ASO’s at a given time. Mark Came up through federal mapping programs, sensor design and implementation for the Army Geospatial Center, and most…

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New Initiative - Article Writing and Sharing

In cooperation with our supporter GA Buyer Europe Magazine and their new initiative to focus on the Special Mission aircraft sector, we’re going to start sharing post and articles that relate to the ASO profession. If you’re interested in writing an article for our group and the GA Buyer Europe Magazine, please let me know, I’ll push you in the right direction.ASOG Desk Editor (Patrick)

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New ASOG Supporter – AvBuyer / GA Buyer – Europe / Multi-Mission Expo + Conferences

AvBuyer / GA Buyer – Europe / Multi-Mission Expo + Conferences are now supporters of Airborne Sensor Operators Group (ASOG). We’re extremely happy to have the AvBuyer team recognize and support the efforts of the ASOG community. Some of you might know them already, but if not, AvBuyer / GA Buyer – Europe / Multi-Mission Expo + Conferences offers the latest business aviation intelligence to the Business Aviation community in print, digital edition and online. Established for over 15 years,…

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New ASOG Supporter – Churchill Navigation

Churchill Navigation is now a supporter of Airborne Sensor Operators Group (ASOG). We’re proud to have Tom Churchill and his team recognize the ASO profession and the ASOG community. If you didn’t know, Churchill Navigation develops and sells advanced solutions that collect and enhance the utility of full motion video. Their ARS Augmented Reality mapping System is in use today at every level of law enforcement domestically, and in use throughout the world. By overlaying street names, GMTI data,…

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New ASOG Supporter - Aerialsurvey.com

Aerialsurvey.com is now a supporter of Airborne Sensor Operators Group (ASOG). It’s great to have a supporter like this, i.e., a unique web site specializing in everything & all matters to do with aerial surveys. The owner is an ASOGer (Lyndon Yorke). Jump over to the Supporter Tab and click the logo (hyperlinked) to check out Lyndon’s efforts.

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