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ASOG is a global professional network for individuals associated with operating remote-sensors from a manned or unmanned aircraft be it aircrew, manufactures, integrators, trainers and service providers.

We hope you join us and engage your time, experience and capabilities to further this profession and enhance your career. To learn more about ASOG and joining, go to the “About” and “Profession” tabs.

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How it Really Happened!

ASOG 2019 Focus Areas: #Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures #Safety

Have you ever had a problem or an accident (small as a sensor malfunctioning to an aircraft incident) that made you think “What Happen?” Well, here’s one method that might help you understand what happened. This method is called the 5-M Model.

The 5-M Model…

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Here are some great reasons to pursue an Airborne Sensor Operations job and career:

The Pay – If you’re looking for a great opportunity for fresh out of high school, technical or trade school, an undergraduate or graduate program, second career, and military transition, there is very likely a flavor of Airborne Sensor Operations that is right for you! The field, and therefor pay and benefits is greatly varied, however, you can anywhere from a livable wage (at a…

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Did you know that Aerial Archaeologist is an Airborne Sensor Operator? Even though their primary job is to study human history and prehistory through the excavation of sites and the analysis of artifacts and other physical remains, they’re participating in the discipline of flying, operating remote-sensors and analyzing the collected data, i.e., ASO as a secondary profession.

If you’re interested in learning more or expanding your ASO skills into this sector, checkout some of these…

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Here are six bad reasons to become an ASO:

For the $ - If you’re looking to make the “Big Bucks!” you’re going to be disappointed. On average and across the different industry sectors (Commercial, Public Safety, Defense), sensor operators are paid hourly in smaller firms and a salary in larger organizations. Benefits are rare but usually offered at the larger agencies or companies. Average pay is $20 to $30 an hour, and the average salary for airborne sensor operator…

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ASOG Members,

Based on ASOG’s 2019 Focus Areas – Training, are you interested in attending a Basic Sensor Operator Course? In coordination with L-3 WESCAM Training Team (plus, one of their trainers is an ASOGer), "they’ll schedule a course for ASOG members", i.e., a class dedicated to ASOG. If we have 6+ members interested in attending the course, L-3 WESCAM will give a group discount to each individual ASOG member attending, i.e., a member of…

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Can you identify the aircraft associated with these Airborne Sensor Operator crew positions?The win…
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The annual Summit is the ONLY opportunity for the ENTIRE Army Aviation Community to gather in one p…
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ASOG 2019 Focus Areas: #Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures #Safety
Have you ever had a problem or…
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Here are some great reasons to pursue an Airborne Sensor Operations job and career:The Pay – If you…
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How Can It Get Any Worse Than This?

It has been my experience with the airspace integration effort that things can always get worse. Just ask the RC Hobbyist, who went under the bus with so little fanfare—actually not even a whimper, but an endorsement from the drone… Continue

Drone Safe Register launches Drones for Schools.

Aimed at ages 7 – 11 Key Stage 2 pupils within the England and Wales school systems and P4 to P7 in Scotland, this high-quality educational programme is made available free of charge to schools and satisfies the national curriculum… Continue


Paris Airshow

  • Description:

    The Paris Airshow is a large trade fair, demonstrating military and civilian aircraft, and is attended by many military forces and the major aircraft manufacturers, often announcing major aircraft sales. It starts with four professional days and…

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BE350 Second In Command - Leidos - Manassas, VA

Job #: R-00009948 Location: Manassas, VA Category: Aviation Schedule (FT/PT): Full time Travel Required: Yes, 50% of the time Shift: Rotating Potential for Tele...
From Leidos - Tue, 02 Apr 2019 20:32:24 GMT - View all… Continue

Geospatial Analyst - Leidos - Alexandria, VA

Job #: R-00008936 Location: Alexandria, VA Category: Geographic Information Systems Schedule (FT/PT): Full time Travel Required: Yes, 50% of the time Shift: Day...
From Leidos - Fri, 15 Mar 2019 20:33:02 GMT - View all… Continue

Flight Test Engineer - Leidos - Bridgewater, VA

Job #: R-00007172 Location: Bridgewater, VA Category: Testing and Quality Assurance Schedule (FT/PT): Full time Travel Required: Yes, 25% of the time Shift: Day...
From Leidos - Fri, 08 Mar 2019 20:22:50 GMT - View all… Continue

Information Forum

It’s Up to You!

      I just want to remind everyone that ASOG is just a virtual free place in space for individuals or organizations to share or say something related to the Airborne Sensor Operator profession. In other words, we don’t push individuals or organizations to say something or have favorites. It’s based on how proactive an individual or organization wants to be. So, “It’s up to you!” ASOG Desk Editor

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New Supporter - Vigilance ISR Academy

Vigilance ISR Academy is now a supporter of Airborne Sensor Operators Group (ASOG). It’s great to have a supporter like this, i.e., a firm that focuses on ASO training. The managing director of Vigilance is Joep Schouren. Jump over to the Supporter Tab and click the logo (hyperlinked) to check them out or the other Supporters. ASOG Desk Editor

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Sound-Off! What Should ASOG focus on in 2019?

A new working group was stood up in the Workshop. Like with many professional career groups or associations they establish short-term focus areas or task to improve their professional community. The goal of this working group is to develop a priority list that ASOG/Members can focus on in the next 12 to 24 months. So, here is your chance to sound-off on what needs improvement and how to promote change, e.g., pay, work conditions, training opportunities, global standards…or whatever comes to…

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2019 Events – Let Me Know What Events You’re Attending

Like last year, several of you sent me your list of events that you planned to attend, i.e., participating as a presenter, business development, job seeking, professional development, etc. I’ll post those events for others to see and possibly coordinate networking rendezvous with you. Based on field reports from last year, this ASOG initiative worked very well …let’s keep growing it! Cheers Mates! Patrick

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Networking is a Wonderful Thing- Call for Job Opportunities

As many of you know, one ASOG reason-for-being is about building a network where fellow crewmembers and members of the aerial remote-sensing industry can swap information regarding job opportunities vs. being an outsider looking in. I know for a fact, ASOG has helped several folks transition to new jobs. If you hear or know of a job opportunity or opportunities, send it to me or posted it on the ASOG homepage. Remember - “Birds of a feather flock together.” Cheers Mates! ASOG Career Center…

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Call for White Papers!

Many of you in the group work for companies or organizations which are producing some leading-edge technology and services related to the ASO profession. As many of you know, this is one goal of ASOG is to help professional ASOs stay informed, i.e., who’s who & what is new! If your company or organization has any white papers related to aerial remote-sensing (e.g., “The Challenge of Quality Video Analysis”) and would like to share it with the community, please post it or send it to me…

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Learning Opportunities!

As a professional ASO or members who want to explore and learn about other remote-sensing industry sectors or improve on your current skill-set, here are three organizations that provide online learning or training events. O’…ASOG is not affiliated with any of these organizations, just good old fashion networking and sharing information or opportunities. Sensefly – Education Tab:  (For-Profit/Commercial) If you can get past the commercial aspect of their Education program, they appear to have…

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Announcement – “ASOG Career Center” Change

ASOG Members, FYI – Based on our That-Looks-About-Right (TLAR) trends analysis, the ASOG Career Center “Job Postings” web page has changed to “Job Search.” Over the last year, the most and best job opportunities have come from you the members. With that, we’ve redesigned the page to reflect job search tactics, techniques, and procedures vs. posting specific jobs. Like always, please let us know if you have any ideas that you would like added to the community, we’ll try our best to implement it.…

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