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ASOG Stammtisch

It was great to rendezvous again with ASOGers in Vienna Austria, i.e., on Fat Tuesday, Faschingsdienstag, Marti Gras. The beer, ribs, and networking were excellent. For me, I enjoyed seeing folks move around the Stammtisch, either catching-up with old colleagues or meeting new folks in our profession.

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3860702945?profile=RESIZE_710xExcerpt from the aerial surveying of the river Mur: The above image is a cross-section through the river of the combined classified point cloud. Point representation: blue (water), orange (ground) and green (vegetation). The deepest point at this cross-section is approx. 1.45m.


As a new start-up company in the aerial surveying & mapping community, Kabelik GmbH successfully delivered its first project on 05 January 2020. Kabelik was commissioned last year to fly above three river sections in different parts of Austria. The aim of the aerial surveying project was to survey the riverbed of specific high interest river sections.

The project consisted of flying two days using a combination of topographic LIDAR, a bathymetric LIDAR, and a digital camera. Using this package of sensors ensure the best accuracy for collecting the best data regarding the surrounding terrain and the riverbed under the water.

To acquire this data, the aircrew (Aerial Survey Pilot & Airborne Sensor Operator) flew approximately 400m above ground level (AGL) and could collect 8 points per m² per laser scanner as well as 8cm GSD orthophotos. With this, it was possible to measure a dense point cloud of the riverbed up to 1.5m depth underwater.

With the conclusion of data collection operations, the team at Kabelik was able to turn-around the data in two weeks, which included DTM, DSM, orthophoto and classified/colored point cloud information.


If you’re interested to learn more about Kabelik GmbH services and capabilities, visit their website at or e-mail them at



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ASOG 2020 Focus Areas: Networking

Upper Left Photo: Our roving ambassador George introduced future ASOG members Emmanuel PREVINAIRE/CEO and Yuk Kwan WONG/Exec.Asst. of Flying-Cam at the Singapore Airshow 2020.

Lower Left Photo: ASOG members Brynn ELLIOTT (Police Aviation News / PAvCON Editor) and ambassador George practice the new Singapore Airshow 'handshake' going on this week.

Right Photo: ASOG's Marcus GURTNER (R) and ambassador George (L) introduce future member Ernest NG of ATOS/France.

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Fellow ASOGers, several of you are planning to attend Singapore Airshow this year. Based on yesterday’s reports (7 Feb) regarding the Coronavirus and the airshow, the show is still scheduled to open. However, many companies and organizations are reporting that they’re canceling their participation because of the situation.

For more information, check out the latest news release from the Airshow operators:

Singapore Airshow 2020 will proceed with additional measures to safeguard the well-being and safety of attendees

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ASOG in Singapore

Top Photo: Nuno VILACA and Abby GONZALEZ of HawkEye360 based in Herndon (VA), future ASOG members, met with our ambassador at the ADECS2020 EW Conference in Singapore today. Pictured below are Nuno, Abby and George.

Bottom Photo: Muhsin Alperen BOLUCEK, CEO, and Tunahan KIRILMAZ, CTO, of TUALCOM, based in Ankara, Turkey, future ASOG members, met with George at ADECS2020 in Singapore

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ASOG 2020 Focus Areas: Career Support (Posted per request by ASG)

Job locations: Worldwide

Type: Full/Part time or on consultancy bases (Please indicate preference and availability)

Based on ASG’s recent successes and future contracts pipeline, we are looking to expand the training team and are inviting expressions of interest from ISR SME’s, Sensor Operators and Instructors to join our team next year.

We are interested in hearing from you if you have a minimum of 10 years operational experience, preferably with instructional experience in your field. We are interested in candidates with knowledge and understanding from all domains and particularly interested in ISR platforms.

ASG is a growing ISR SME specializing in training and simulation, having built up its integrated training suite to include sensors such as EO/IR, radar, AIS, Acoustics, EW, Tacco….. for both the delivery of training to international customers and for those customers to create their own training capability.

No day is the same and if you enjoy working with other self-starters and possess a “can-do” attitude with the right skills, qualifications and experience, then we’d like to hear from you. The role generally involves developing and delivering ISR training to domestic and international customers with varying travel depending on the actual role. Longer term contracts abroad are a possibility and if this is of interest, please mention it in your covering letter.

Essential is knowledge and experience of one or more for the following sensors Radar, EW, EO/IR and Acoustics both active and passive.

Desirable is experience in the training of the above and an understanding of the principals of the ISR process.

Please submit a current CV and cover letter to CVs without a relevant covering letter will be filtered out automatically.

For more information on ASG, please visit:

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Georg DeCock (ASOG Member and ASOG Ambassador) asked to share this video with his fellow ASOGers. Georg is one of many folks from different companies taking part in this world tour. Currently, they just completed the African leg of the trip and now heading to Asia. The next stop is Singapore Airshow (11 – 16 Feb).

If you want to check out the aircraft and learn more of the integrated special mission kit, reach out and contact Georg via the ASOG Network page for a member to member engagement opportunity.

From an ASOG perspective, this is an excellent opportunity to network and learn something new regarding aerial remote sensing capabilities.

Also, if you want to track the bird as it travels the world, the tail number is C-GVKI. Maybe you’ll have the chance to catch it at an airfield near you.

ASOG Desk Editor (Patrick)

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Confirmed – ASOG 2020 Focus Areas

Based on inputs and feedback from members, the group will focus on the following areas for 2020:

• ASOG – General
• Networking
• General Professional Standards
• Training
• Certification
• Career Support
• Safety
• Aircraft, Equipment, and Systems
• Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures

Again, the rationale of the ASOG Focus Areas is to help manage everyone’s interest and efforts regarding individuals participating and outcomes. However, at any time, if you want the group to focus on something new that relates to our profession or expand on one of the established areas, please let me know.


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ASOG 2020 Focus Area: Disseminate and share information related to Aerial Work (AW) aircraft, systems, and equipment.

AVBuyer and GA Buyer Magazine have just launched a new initiative to focus on the Aerial Work or Multi-Mission aviation industry sector. In the past, they concentrated on general aviation and air transportation. Now, they’ll add focused relevant information or intelligence related to specialized services (manned and unmanned) like Aerial Mapping and Surveying, Flight Training, Glider Towing, Airborne Law Enforcement, Aerial Photography and Cinematography, Aerial Fire Fighting, Aerial SAR, COCO C4ISR and more, i.e., what we as ASOs do for a living and the aircraft, systems and equipment we use.

From an ASOG perspective, it’s great to see a media organization focus on our community and provide information that helps with our specific professional development. Also, it’s great that AVBuyer recognizes and supports the efforts and purpose of the Airborne Sensor Operators Group.

If you’re interested, you can view their webpage or subscribe for a paper copy. The webpage is:

Intelligence - Multi-Mission Aircraft Hub


ASOG Desk Editor (Patrick)

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Wanted – EO/IR Platform Charter

***Outstanding*** Per the folks at TerraSense, they want to give a big Thank You to all the ASOG members, followers, and connections that helped with their request. Quote “Thank you very much for posting our wanted ad - we've had a tremendous response from some very well-connected group members.”

As MD of ASOG, I also want to say thank you to everyone who supported, and I’m very pleased with how our community/network responded.


TerraSense Analytics is looking to charter an aircraft (with Airborne Sensor Operator and Pilot) equipped with Wescam MX-15 (or similar) EO/MWIR sensor package to collect maritime target data for testing a software product.

While our firm is Canadian, we are open to travel anywhere in the world.

For more information on the project, please contact and visit


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Call for Inputs – ASOG 2020 Focus Areas

Like last year, it’s time to review ASOGs focus areas and set new ones for 2020. The due date for inputs is 15 Jan would be great to get your feedback and thoughts. The main Categories are:

• ASOG – General
• Networking
• General Professional Standards
• Training
• Certification
• Career Support
• Safety
• Aircraft, Equipment, and Systems
• Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures

The specific focus items are broken-out below. Review and recommend changes or additions. The rationale of the ASOG Focus Areas is to help manage everyone’s interest and efforts regarding individuals participating and outcomes.

Again, ASOG is an open platform/network for professional individuals (like you) to share their experiences and knowledge to help individual career efforts, advance aircrew operations, and improve the aerial remote-sensing profession.

If you have an input, you can easily respond here on the blog page or send me a separate message no-later-than 15 Jan 2020:



















































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As I promised last month regarding the AVBuyer’s Leaders Roundtable Event, here’s a quick recap.

However, before I press forward, I would like to say thank you to those ASOG members who sent topics to bring up or discuss, e.g., standards and training. Also, I would like to say thank you to one of our members - Astrid Ayling - for making it possible for a representative from ASOG (even though I was a non-UK participant) to attend….”Good on you, Astrid!”

The Aviation Leaders Roundtable event took place on 20 Nov 2019 at the Phyllis Court Members Club outside of London. The meeting consisted of representatives from all aspects of UK Aviation: Fixed & Rotor wing Aviation, Multi Mission, Drones, Product & Services, and Associations. Plus, government officials from Westminster and the DfT.

Even though this was a UK focused aviation round table discussion, I believe, based on my engagement with many of you from around the world, the issues and concerns are the same North & South and East & West.

The main topics discussed at the round table were:

• The current state of UK General Aviation and Aerial Work Aviation
• Economic issues within UK Aviation
• Education, Training and the Next Generation
• UK Aviation electronic conspicuity
• UK Drone operations and integration
• DfT “Aviation Ambassadors” and “Reach for the Sky” programs

Overall, the round table event, from an Airborne Sensor Operator perspective, was very interesting and informative, especially in the areas of standards, training, and setting the stage for the next generation of aviators. Some of the challenges highlighted in the discussions and many ways effect the ASO profession were:

• Aviation operations are over regulated and over charged in all aspects;
• Economic and access issues regarding recruitment, training and job opportunities in aviation;
• Standardizing General Aviation and Aerial Work electronic conspicuity; and
• Inconsistency between manned and unmanned aircraft regulations and implementation.

Regarding solutions, the members of the round table highlighted the need for both the aviation community and government to work together to narrow efforts on the following challenges:

• Regulations and Fees – Review, streamline and balance regulations in proportion to local needs & aviation sectors, and be competitive with other countries' aviation programs, i.e., attract students, aviators, and businesses from around the world with high quality, affordable and easily accessible UK aviation programs.
• Recruitment, training, and job opportunities – Implement campaigns to market career opportunities in aviation (especially at the education level), promote best practice training programs concerning next-generation learning intake, and encourage competitive incomes to mitigate people avoiding the aviation industry sector as a career choice.

If you’re interested to know more about this Round Table and/or want to share more of your concerns related to our ASO profession, just let me know. We can add it to ASOG’s 2020 Focus Areas.

ASOG Desk Editor (Patrick)

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Wanted - FLIR Corona 350 or SWE Quad 400

ASOG Members, one of our members (Derrick Brydges, Linewise Aerial) is looking for a used FLIR Corona 350 or a SWE Quad 400 for Powerline Inspection in Canada, U.S. and Central America. If you know of any available system, please reach out to Derrick, i.e., you can find him in the ASOG members area or drop me a line and I’ll forward accordingly.

ASOG Desk Editor (Patrick)

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Call for Inputs – Aviation Leaders Roundtable

ASOG Members,

ASOG was invited to participate in this year’s AVBuyer Aviation Leaders Roundtable discussions on the 20th of November in the United Kingdom. The event aims to provide a platform for the exchange of views on the current Aviation Industry, which in-turn shared with government organizations. The meeting will see representatives from all aspects of Aviation: Fixed & Rotor wing Aviation, Multi Mission, Drones, Product & Services, and Associations.

In the past, General Aviation (GA) was the primary focus. However, the organizers for this year’s event want to expand discussions beyond GA and include the Aerial Work sector of Aviation (a.k.a. Special Missions, Multi-Mission, aerial remote sensing, etc.).

This event is a great opportunity for our profession to have a say at a higher level regarding the importance of Airborne Sensor Operators, how they make a difference in Aviation today and in the future, and what our profession needs concerning government regulations, standards, training, and certification.

As an Airborne Sensor Operator Group member, we would like to get your inputs on issues (both Manned and Unmanned) that you think are important to help you as an ASO to do your job safer and better, especially in the civil and public safety sector. Even though this event will have a European perspective, we believe our inputs apply to every corner of the globe (N. America, S. America, MENA, Africa, Asia, ANZ).

So, here’s your chance to make a difference. Send your thoughts and inputs to me (, and I’ll bundle them up and present them at the Roundtable. Also, please have your inputs to me no later than 18 November so I can get them organized, etc. Furthermore, I’ll provide a post report after the event so you can see what concerns aviation leaders have and feedback on your inputs.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you, everyone,


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ASOG – Global Defence Helicopter 2019

ASOG 2019 Focus Areas: Networking, Professional Development, Trending Technologies

Top Right Photo: L to R, Harry MacLeod, Patrick Ryan, Maxwell Field, Allister Wragg
Bottom Left Photo: L to R, Gustavo Duarte, Georg DeCock, Patrick Ryan

It was a great honor for ASOG and its members to participate in this year's Global Defence Helicopter meeting (Dresden, Germany, 29 -31 Oct). Per our ASOG 2019 Focus Areas, members were able to network, expand their professional knowledge, and track trending technologies. Overall, it was interesting to see the plans, programs and challenges military organizations are dealing with regarding their combat helicopter programs and how industry is trying to fulfill those requirements or mitigate the service's challenges.

Last but not least, I want to give a big thanks to Defence Leaders (Harry MacLeod, Maxwell Field) and Airborne Technologies (Gustavo Duarte) for recognizing the importance of the Airborne Sensor Operator profession and inviting us to this year’s event. Based on cross talking with Defence Leaders Directors (Harry & Max), anticipate more ASO/ASOG focused topics in their event programs. The next applicable event on their schedule that ASO’s can professionally benefit from is the Maritime Search & Rescue Conference (Tallinn, Estonia, 12 – 14 May 2020)....See details on the ASOG Event page.

ASOG Desk Editor (Patrick)

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ASOG 2019 Focus Areas: Professional Development

To stay current on the latest in aerial remote-sensing, I love to check out publications (especially free and open-source) that focus on the three domains Airborne Sensor Operators make a living in (Civil, Public Safety, Defense). One small-business open-source publication I’ve been checking-out for the last eight years is the Police Aviation News. This publication is focused primarily on police aviation but also dives into the other sectors of airborne public safety, i.e., who’s doing what, which flight departments have (or going to buy) certain aircraft/systems, etc. From my perspective, this periodical doesn’t give you the standard five-lines of information but also embeds a certain level of mature operator perspective/commentary in its information. I’m sure the editor has “Ruffled a few feathers” since its publication, but sometimes, a necessary service.

So, if you’re interested, here’s the link, walk-through the pages, and check-out the monthly magazines and special reports. Also, you can find this link in the “ASOG Link-Library”:

Police Aviation News


ASOG Desk Editor (Patrick)

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ASOG 2019 ASOG Focus Areas: Networking

It was great to finally meet Michael Sheehy in person, i.e., not via e-mails or Skype but in person. Michael was one of the first ASOG advisors to join the group and was instrumental in writing the ASOG “ASO Search and Rescue (Public Safety / Maritime / Fixed Wing) Guide” to help future generations and transitioning professionals into our career field, especially the Maritime SAR community.

Michael called me out of the blue last week and said he was in the area working on the Viking Air Guardian 400 World Demo Tour aircraft, i.e., finalizing the installation of the Sentient Vision Systems ViDAR sensor. I was able to hook-up with Michael and spend a good amount of time talking about many different topics across a wide spectrum of the ASO profession…Wow, what a great wealth of knowledge Michael has regarding the ASO profession, sensors, CONOPS, and the airborne maritime domain. If you ever have a question regarding maritime operations, send a note to Michael via ASOG messaging.

Image: L to R, Michael Sheehy and Myself


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