About Us

The purpose of this network is to collaborate, develop, and share information between members and connections to shape global standards, disseminate best practices, highlight new technologies, and link career information related to the ASO profession. As such, ASOG goal is to promote the ASO profession and enable the safe, coordinated and effective use of aerial remote-sensing capabilities.

If you have any questions, please e-mail Patrick Ryan (pryan@aso-group.org), Managing Director & Founder of ASOG.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

ASOG’s mission is to represent, lead, and serve the Airborne Sensor Operators profession. 

  • Representing the Airborne Sensor Operator - Improve understanding of the ASO profession among aviation & aerial work industry sectors and increase awareness of the benefits that ASOs bring to national and global communities

  • Leading the Airborne Sensor Operator Profession - Develop global ASO standards for individuals to train, equip and operate by in order to increase efficiency and safety

  • Serving Airborne Sensor Operators - Support career development & opportunities for ASOs.

Our Vision

ASOG’s vision and end-state is:

  • Establish the profession as an internationally recognized formal aircrew position in both manned & unmanned civil & government sectors

  • Formalize ASO standards to ensure flight operations are safe and data-collection is effective

  • Enhance ASO professional development and career opportunities.