About Us

ASOG is a global professional network that allows members to network, collaborate and share information to shape the ASO profession, individual careers and the industries that ASO's participate in. As such, ASOG’s goal is to promote the ASO profession and enable the safe, coordinated and effective use of aerial remote-sensing capabilities for the individual aircrew members, public service, industies, and society.

For more information, please e-mail info@aso-group.org


• Career opportunities and professional development
• Generation of referrals and increase business
• Developing new professional connections
• Raising your profile
• Learning something new
• Being an Influencer in your profession
• Satisfaction from helping others
• Being part of a recognized profession


The Airborne Sensor Operators Group is a social networking platform, and anybody who registers (it's free and easy) can post their blog entries (related to the ASO profession), along with starting discussions, sharing relevant information or networking via e-mail with other members. Your registration gives you the ability to do a lot on the site--so feel free to post or start anything you think will be of interest to our community and further our profession!

Overall, the site is organized around public and members only areas. To have full access to all the capabilities of the network, you’ll have to be a member. To join, click the “Sign Up” button and build your “My Page” profile and review the site policies.


For 2020, our focus is on the following areas to shape the ASO profession and help manage everyone’s interest and efforts regarding individuals participating and outcomes:


As an Airborne Sensor Operator community, many of our members (over 325 and growing) are active manned and unmanned aircraft operators or non-aircrew professionals who are part of the eco-system of industries and organizations that support or rely on the ASO profession (Students, OEMs, Suppliers, Integrators, Educators/Trainers, Ops Service Providers, Imagery/GIS Analyst, end-users, etc.). The following members represent the type of professional leaders we have in our group, and we always look forward to their participation, support and advice:

  • Georg J. De Cock - ISR Sensors and Operations SME and ASOG Ambassador
  • Mark D. Smits II - Aerial Mapping and Lidar SME
  • Joshua T. Cohen - Open Source Intelligence, Analysis, and Research SME
  • Wayne Dahlke - Airborne Special Operations and Aircrew Training SME
  • Luthando Prinsloo - Human factors & Crew Resource Management SME
  • Michael Andrew Sheehy - Special Mission SME (MARSUR & SAR)
  • Gary Micklethwaite – Electronic Sensor, RPAS/UAV, and Aircrew Management SME
  • Scott Tolbert - Maritime Operations, Multi-Sensor Platform, and ASO History SME