Poll & Quiz

Members Only – The poll and quiz areas are designed to allow members to answer questions and compare results with other members, plus the ability to comment. The polls and quizzes are organized around specific areas and topics related to the ASO profession. These areas are:


• Profession / Standards
• Training / Education
• Certification / Accreditation
• Professional Development
• Career Management
• Safety / CRM
• ASO Industry Sectors
• Aircraft, Equipment and Systems (AES)
• Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs)


• Theory of Flight and Aeronautics
• Meteorology
• Manned & Unmanned Aircraft Systems & Capabilities
• Aerial Navigation
• Radio & Communication Operations
• Flight & Airfield Operations and Procedures
• Crew Resource Management (CRM) and Human Factors (HF)
• Electro-Magnetic Spectrum
• Passive Sensor Systems & Capabilities
• Active Sensor Systems & Capabilities
• Sensor Operations and Maintenance
• Mission Planning & Mission Management
• Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination Systems & Capabilities
• Instructing and training

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