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Good evening fellow members of ASOG, 

I am seeking out advice and tips on how to make sure your resume gets through the computers and recruiters. I am less than one month from getting out of 10 yrs of Naval service and have yet to land at the minimum an interview. I have been getting denied by numerous companies both small and large. It is getting quite frustrating and would like to know if I am doing anything wrong in particular. Please help! 

Very Respectfully, 

Alejandro Rojas

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  • Hi Alejandro,

    I just looked at your resume, here are my thoughts:

    • I like the style of your resume. ;) However, are you sending the same generic resume or are you adjusting your resume to each specific job posting/firm. You increase your chances of an HR or PM individual to read/consider your resume/you if you talk directly to their requirements and vocabulary.
    • Are you sending a Cover Letter when applicable? The resume should link the overall you to the job posting, but the Cover Letter is where you connect how you can specifically help the firm meet their mission & requirements.
    • Do you have a Linked-In profile? I did a check and couldn’t find you. I believe Linked-In can help with your efforts. If you don’t have a profile, sign up and build it like a short-resume i.e. use your attached resume but not all the secondary information…just top level. Plus, add a good professional photo. My recommendation is a relaxed professional civ look.

    Again, just my first thoughts, like always, please PM me if you have other questions.


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  • Hi Alejandro, just an idea...never done this on our webpage before. Are you able to cut/paste and attach your resume to the Blog Board? As a group, we can look over and provide feedback and/or network you over to an opportunity. What do you think Alejandro? Patrick

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