ASOG Members,

Based on feedback from some of you regarding not getting the ASOG Monthly Newsletter and other info., it appears that individuals used an e-mail from a previous job or changed their personal e-mail account since joining ASOG.

To stay connected with ASOG as a core member, “Sign-In” and update your profile on the ASOG Homepage, i.e.:

  1. Go to your “My Page”
  2. Open “Option”
  3. Click “Edit Profile”
  4. Change “E-Mail Address” – We recommend using a personal address vs. a work address…yes, it would be nice to have a job-for-life with one employer, but as we all know, things have changed.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thanks. Everyone!

Best Regards,



Patrick Ryan

ASOG Managing Director/Desk Editor


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