Virtual classroom keeps ISR Academy at the leading edge

ASOG 2020 Focus Area: Professional Development and Training

It’s great to see the ASO training industry sector innovating in new ways. One of ASOG’s company Supporters (ISR Academy) posted a press release highlighting their efforts to expand their courses online.

From an ASOG / ASO advocating perspective, I hope more training companies provide virtual ASO training programs, especially in baseline learning areas (airmanship, aerial-remote sensing, etc., i.e., with a focus on ASOs and other non-pilot crewmembers). The feedback ASOG has received over the years from young and transitioning ASOs is that basic or full certified training programs are few or out of reach for them, i.e., financially, location, time, etc.

Before I forget, if you want to learn more about ISR Academy, Joep Schouren, the ISR Academy Manager, is a core ASOG member….reach out to him in the ASOG members area and hit the “friend” button.

Virtual classroom keeps ISR Academy at the leading edge


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