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How it Really Happened!

How it Really Happened!

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Have you ever had a problem or an accident (small as a sensor malfunctioning to an aircraft incident) that made you think “What Happen?” Well, here’s one method that might help you understand what happened. This method is called the 5-M Model.

The 5-M Model comprises of Man, Machine, Medium, Mission and Management which are five core areas that failing factors of malfunction or incidents may appear in. This model is one of the most common used methods in the aviation industry to examine aviation accidents and incidents. However, besides accident incident investigations, it provides the individual ASO up to managers with a systematic way of focusing and analyzing areas that errors mostly occur within the structure of specific technical problem sets, operations and organizations, for example, analyzing a small problem that took place during a flight etc.

If you’re interested in learning more and how to apply it to your everyday ASO professional kit, read the sources below. After reviewing the material and examples, give it a try and break down a past problem you had and find out what happened.

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