Finally – A Chance to ASOG Network In-Person!

Finally – A Chance to ASOG Network In-Person!

ASOG 2020 Focus Area: Networking

(ASOG Members: Left Front – Thomas Unger; Left Back – Patrick Ryan; Right Front – Georg DeCock; Right Back – Manuel Hellerschmid)

Since C-19 kicked-in this year, ASOG in-person networking events came to a screaming stop! However, last week four members had a spontaneous opportunity to meet for lunch at a local airfield cafe in Wiener Neustadt, Austria. Georg flew in from France to engage the folks at Airborne Technologies (ABT), and I drove in from my Alpine-Command-Post (ACP = Home Office) to meet Georg, Thomas, and Manuel at ABT.

Like always, it was beyond fun to see ASOG members in person and having a relaxing personal and professional rendezvous. I’m looking forward to many more in different locations of the world between other ASOG members when the time comes.

Speaking of that, one of ASOGs focus areas is to get members to meet in person an network. So, if a cluster of members live in/near a particular place like Perth, Australia, Wash D.C. USA, London UK, Paris, France, etc., it would be great to organize a simple (IAW local C-19 rules) lunch, dinner, or happy hour rendezvous. If you are interested in setting up such an ASOG RZ in your backyard. Let me know and I’ll help you organize it.

More too follow….


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Patrick brings over 25 + years of experience helping government and business aviation organizations plan and executes manned and unmanned C4ISR and Aerial Surveying and Mapping operations. Most recently, He's spearheaded the start-up of the Airborne Sensor Operators Group and served as the Director of European, Middle East, and Africa Operations at R4 Incorporated. Before becoming a Senior Consultant, Patrick led operations for aerial C4ISR projects in Africa for EG&G, the leading government services company. Other roles have included Chief of U.S. European Command Joint Reconnaissance Operations (JRC) for Europe & Africa, standup of the first RQ-4 GLOBAL HAWK squadron as Deputy Commander and Commander and led numerous Joint and Coalition planning and remote-sensing flight crews for contingency operations around the world. Patrick received his B.S. from California State University Fresno and an M.A. from the University of Oklahoma.

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