ASOG Members Networking in Cologne (Köln) Germany

ASOG Members Networking in Cologne (Köln) Germany

ASOG 2021 Focus Area: Networking

Posted By: Patrick Ryan

As the Managing Director of ASOG, I saw that many ASOG members and Corporate Supporters were heading to the European Rotor Show & Conference. So, with that, I booked a plane ticket and headed to Cologne, Germany, this week. As I expected, it was a blast connecting with both new and old members and connecting them. Plus, networking with future members and Corporate Supporters.

One of the positive side effects of this is that the management of the European Rotor event would like our community to shape and recommend an ASO plan for next year's event. The idea is to have informative, or training topics focused on the ASO or non-rated Aircrew members who fly manned or unmanned rotor aircraft.

So, at some point in time, we'll reach out to you, the core members, for your inputs…plus, we'll work on getting a discount for the core ASOG members so that you can attend. So, with that, and if you are reading this post with interest but not a core ASOG member, click the "Sign-Up" button and complete your professional profile (plus, profile picture).

Before I sign-off, I would like to recognize some of the current members, future members, and corporate supporters that I encountered and for their hospitality, networking, and interest in ASOG:

Individuals / Companies

  • Astrid Ayling – AVBuyer
  • Ian Sheppard – AVBuyer
  • Mike Rogers – L3 Harris
  • Richard Turner – Adams Aviation
  • Peter Myers – ARTEMIS
  • Thomas Unger – Airborne Technologies
  • Manuel Hellerschmid – Airborne Technologies
  • Eugen Maier – HENSOLDT Sensors
  • Frank Liemandt – European Rotors
  • Volker K. Thomalla – Aero
  • Héctor Coloma - Lifeseeker
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Patrick brings over 25 + years of experience helping government and business aviation organizations plan and executes manned and unmanned C4ISR and Aerial Surveying and Mapping operations. Most recently, He's spearheaded the start-up of the Airborne Sensor Operators Group and served as the Director of European, Middle East, and Africa Operations at R4 Incorporated. Before becoming a Senior Consultant, Patrick led operations for aerial C4ISR projects in Africa for EG&G, the leading government services company. Other roles have included Chief of U.S. European Command Joint Reconnaissance Operations (JRC) for Europe & Africa, standup of the first RQ-4 GLOBAL HAWK squadron as Deputy Commander and Commander and led numerous Joint and Coalition planning and remote-sensing flight crews for contingency operations around the world. Patrick received his B.S. from California State University Fresno and an M.A. from the University of Oklahoma.

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