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  • I sent you a connection request, I would be eternally greatful for a referral! Cheers!

  • Excellent Darrin! Also, Roger Copy on deadline. I'll spread the word.

    Side note: I saw on your profile you're also in the Civil Air Patrol, i.e., "SRPA (Surrogate Remotely Piloted Aircraft), Mission Scanner & Observer Qualified." It would be great to share your experience here in ASOG. Are you up for an ASOG Member Interview, i.e., I'll send you simple questions (e.g., why did you join CAP etc) and all you have to do is fill-in the blanks, after that I'll post it...Let me know what you think? Also, if you want to coordinate more, we can use the ASOG webmail or other mail.  Thanks Darrin! Patrick

  • Actually - here are the details posted now. I believe it will close in a week.

    Leidos: Careers
    Airborne Sensor Operator in Alexandria, VA - Leidos
  • Hi Darrin, quick question, is this the job?   Thanks Darrin! Best, Patrick

    Leidos: Careers
    Airborne Sensor Operator in Bridgewater, VA - Leidos
  • Clarification on the ASO positions - the requirements for the applicants are to be a US Citizen with clearance. 

  • Interesting, can I have more info?

    Regards from México.

  • Hi Darrin. Perhaps a bit more info in the original post could save you a lot of work. For instance, is this position open to  US Citizens only? Do you require a US security clearance? stuff like that......As a Canadian I might be interested in this but may not qualify, if you get my drift.  Thanks Mate.

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