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  • I'm already here in FL, so there is the convenience factor and I think you'd enjoy it Tim. *However I definitely agree that there are plenty of beautiful places in the U.K. to spend a holiday. I'll always have a soft spot for Scotland. The Cairngorms are hard to beat.

  • Florida in winter...migrating south from the UK to a warmer climate sounds great.

  • Hi Tim,

    Good call-out on sensors. Based on my Executive Lockheed Martin Skunk Works handbook, the sensors were: Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar System (ASARS-1); ELINT; Optical Bar Camera (OBC) Technical Objective Camera (TEOC). The ASO (a.k.a. RSO or Nav) position had INS, ANS (Astro-inertial Nav System), ASARS in-flight radar and map displays.

    Ref Prize…You got it! I like the idea of coming to England before Christmas; Lincoln is the picture-perfect English town. Also, somehow / someway we need to share a pint with Tim Moradi who called-out SR-71. Either he comes to England, or we go to Florida…what do you think?


  • I think this video links well with the ASO heritage topic, plus it shows the spirit of the ASO in action. Listen closely to what the ASO in the back of the SR-71 does.  


  • I think you're looking at still camera imagery kit plus the display for radar imagery and map projector.  I'll tell the Struggler's Arms to put a pint on hold for me when we head back there again.  You should head over at Christmas next time....there's a lot more going on than a Tuesday night.

  • Hi Tim and Tim,

    50% Excellent. Now, are you able to call-out a few of the sensors the Blackbird carried? O’…the prize is a Pint of “Death or Glory” or something equal.


  • SR-71 Sens-O Trainer?

  • Got to be an SR-71 just looking at the shape.  What's the prize?

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