About This Site

The Airborne Sensor Operators Group is a new (and very raw at this time) community based on the Ning community networking platform, and anybody who registers (it's free and easy) can post their own blog entries (related to the ASO profession), along with starting discussions, asking questions or sharing relevant information. Your registration gives you the ability to do a lot on the site--so feel free to post or start anything you think will be of interest to our community and further our profession!

This site is organized around three areas; the first is “administration & media”, second is “resources” and the third is “groups.” The administration & media” area consists of the following tabs:

  • Home (Note: The "Blog Board" and "Information Forum" is Members Only)

  • About Us

  • Advisors

  • Members (Members Only)

  • My Page (Members Only)

The resources area consists of the following tabs:

  • Profession Definition

  • Link Library

  • Career Center (Members Only)

The group area consists of the following tab:

  • Global Forum/Working Groups (Members Only)

The concept of operation for this site is to facilitate discussions, collaborate, and post useful information or tools for members to use in their everyday aerial work professional life. Here are just a few examples:

  • If you’re interested in writing articles regarding the profession and want to share with your peers or get a peer review, post it on the “Home” page blog.

  • If you want to share relevant and interesting information related to aerial remote-sensing programs, technology and services, post it on the “Home” page blog.

  • If you’re interested in becoming an ASO or transition to one of the many different sectors of the profession, post your thoughts and questions.

  • If you’re interested in shaping the global standards for your particular ASO sector profession, start a specific standards group and help draft a career path & training guide document.

  • If you want to share your personal ASO checklist, how-to and lesson learn notes; share on the “Home” page.

  • If you’re a recruiter or project manager who routinely is looking for aerial remote-sensing operators, have the job requirement posted under the “Career Corner” tab or in the “Discussion Forum”.

Bottom-line, the site has the latitude/longitude for you the member to use and advance the ASO profession and yourself!